Hydropneumatic Bladder Tanks for Liquid Surge Suppression

Fluid energy is a powerful force that is not easily controlled. When fluids contained in a pipeline experience a change in velocity, a subsequent change in pressure arises which results in a hydraulic pressure transient event.

Pressure transients are a near certainty in pipelines due to sudden valve closures, pump start-up conditions and emergency pump stoppages from station power loss. As such, a solution is necessary to fully address the transient and prevent it from causing potentially catastrophic damage to the pipeline, corresponding equipment and the surrounding environment.

Young Engineering & Manufacturing Inc. has combined creative design strategy with proven engineering expertise to usher in a new era of solutions for eliminating the threat of pressure transients at the source of the event itself. By utilizing bladder surge tank or BST technology, Young Engineering is able to absorb the energy of a pressure transient without losing containment from the pipeline.

For over a quarter of a century, clients around the world have placed their trust in Young Engineering as their company of choice in providing mission critical solutions. From the extreme cold of Northern Canada to the scorching heat of the Middle East, BST solutions are being dependably relied upon to be the clean solution for pipeline integrity and safety.