Bladder Tank vs. Other Forms of Surge Suppression

Young Engineering and Manufacturing has had many years of experience in producing surge tank designs. We have found that non-separation (hydropneumatic) tanks develop maintenance issues that demand constant inspection and frequent service. Our bladder vessels operate for years with minimal service. Tanks require only a simple inspection of the gas precharge within the bladder bi-annually.

An important aspect of a surge protection solution should always consider the ongoing cost of ownership. Not only are Young Engineering bladder tanks cost-efficient, they are far superior in performance and noise reduction.

  • Bladder Surge Tanks are a less expensive system design – over $100,000 possible cost savings in surge equipment.
  • Save installation costs – no electrical connection is required and no sound abatement enclosure is necessary for the reciprocating air compressor.
  • Less environmental and noise impact – the Bladder Surge Tank is self-contained, quieter, and does not discharge gasses or require the use of an ongoing air compressor.
  • More accurate readings – No electrical level probe control system is needed to maintain proper air to water levels in the surge tanks, unlike fluid level probes that can foul, producing erroneous signals that require servicing to clean.
  • Safer – A sudden drop in fluid pressure will not compromise the system piping. The bladder provides a positive separation between systems preventing air blowback from entering the piping.
  • Less power required – Because no permanent air compressor or level controls are required power consumption and maintenance cost is reduced.