Surge Tanks vs. Pressure Relief Skid Systems Video Released

With governmental regulation and public concerns about petrochemical pipelines, refineries and pump stations on the rise, Young Engineering and Manufacturing has produced a video illustration of the differences between standalone surge tank solutions in direct comparison to pressure relief valve skid systems.   There is widespread confusion in regards to both technologies in the areas of […]

Bladder Tank vs. Other Forms of Surge Suppression

Young Engineering and Manufacturing has had many years of experience in producing surge tank designs. We have found that non-separation (hydropneumatic) tanks develop maintenance issues that demand constant inspection and frequent service. Our bladder vessels operate for years with minimal service. Tanks require only a simple inspection of the gas precharge within the bladder bi-annually. […]

AVI Technology-new product showcase

Young Engineering Introduces New Breakthrough Acoustic Volume Indicator (AVI) Technology Creates Non-Intrusive Means to Determine Liquid or Gas Volume in Any Pressurized or non-pressurized Metal Tank Introducing breakthrough Acoustic Volume Indicator (AVI) Technology. A unique non-intrusive means to determine the bladder precharge pressure, liquid level and system pressure in any pressurized surge tank. This means […]

YEMI Introduces 1-gal BET

Introducing new UL-Approved Bladder Expansion Tank (BET). More affordable 1-gallon bladder expansion tank released to the fire sprinkler industry. This UL-Approved product protects against thermal expansion in both commercial and residential applications. Much like the rest of the Young Engineering BET line, the industrial strength tank can perform at five times the safety factor ensuring […]