Fire Protection

Young Engineering manufacturers a full line of UL and FM approved surge suppressors (BSA), Bladder Expansion Tanks (BET) and Bladder Surge Tanks (BST) designed specifically for fire protection systems.

Surge Suppressors – Young Engineering is a leader in fire surge control industry offering the largest range of sizes designed to control hydraulic transients within fire circuits. Young Engineering and Manufacturing fire surge suppressors absorb and control surge energies, protecting from damage and increasing the life of the components of a fire sprinkler system.

Bladder Expansion Tanks – We have created our fire protection bladder expansion tanks to meet the needs of NFPA 13. These UL approved glycol expansion tanks are designed and manufactured specifically to protect anti-freeze sprinkler systems from the damaging effects of thermal expansion during harsh weather conditions.

Bladder Surge Tanks – Young Engineering Fire Bladder Surge Tanks (BST) absorb and control surge energies, increasing the life of the components of a system and protecting them from failure. Standard sizes ranges from 40 to 5,000 gallons, with design pressures of 275 psi, 500 psi, and several other ratings.

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