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Surge Suppressors (BSA)
Fire Suppression, Municipal Water, Fuel, Power Wash Systems and Reverse Osmosis

Young Engineering is a leader in the surge control industry offering the largest size range surge vessels designed to control hydraulic transients. Pressure surges, or hydraulic transients, often occur with the opening and closing of valves or with the start up and shut down of pumps, which can result in damaged pipeline systems. Young Engineering surge vessels absorb and control these surge energies, preventing damage and increasing the life of the components of your system.

Standard Bottom and Top Repairable designs are available in 2-1/2 to 150 gallons with 275 and 500 PSI pressure ratings. Several of our surge vessels are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed and Factory Mutual (FM) approved for use in fire protection systems.

Product Highlights

Sizes from 2.5 gallon – 150 gallon

Wide range of pressure, fluid and temperatures

Positive separator bladder

Special bladder compounds available

Epoxy coated carbon steel, stainless steel, inconel, hastelloy & other exotic materials

Full inventory for immediate shipment

BSA Application Data Sheet

BSA Specification Data Sheet

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