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Bladder Surge Tanks

6Young Engineering’s Bladder Surge Tank (BST) technology utilizes a unique energy absorption approach to suppressing dangerous hydraulic transient pressure spikes.

Primarily caused by, but not exclusively limited to, sudden valve closures, or when a pump starts or stops, these transient events create significant stress in vulnerable sections of the pipeline.

The stress generated on the pipeline, and the accompanying components and instrumentation, is high enough to lead to potential breaks in the pipeline itself and also to greatly decrease the life of other items in connection to the pipeline.

Young Engineering Bladder Surge Tanks for feature:

  • Unique in the industry,  RF-welded construction for bladders that results in a very light weight but extremely strong bladder design.
  • Bladder materials are specific to the needs of the Petrochemical market.
  • Bladder is designed to be pre-charged with or without fluid in the tank.
  • Bladder can be pre-charged to above the normal operating pressure of the system.
  • Non-intrusive AVI monitoring system for 24/7/365 system awareness.
  • Tank sizing ranges from 40-10,000+ gallons with standard pressure ratings of 275-500 PSI.
  • Pressure rating capability beyond 500 psi is available as a non-standard item.
  • Equipment is in use throughout the world in demanding and varied environments.
  • Both vertical and horizontal tank designs are available depending upon space and size requirements.

The BST is a carbon or stainless steel pressure vessel built to ASME code standards with an inflatable bladder inside the tank. The size of the tank and bladder is determined by the results derived from an appropriate hydraulic transient analysis conducted either by an engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) firm or by a third party engineering firm specializing in that service.

Depending upon the media of the fluid, pressure ratings, field temperature conditions of the installation, etc, Young Engineering will select a specific bladder material suitable for that particular application’s unique requirements. In order to confirm proper operation of the BST system, a patented non-intrusive acoustic volume indication (AVI) system is used to verify precharge pressure in the bladder, system pressure in the tank and the fluid level in the tank at the system’s point use or to a remote location via 4-20mA connection.

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BST Specification Sheet for Oil and Gas Applications

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