Oil & Gas


Pipeline Protection


Throughout the world, fuel handling and delivery systems are coming under increasing scrutiny as a critical safety requirement for petrochemical companies and facilities integrity management systems (FIMP).

Young Engineering Bladder Surge Tanks (BST) protect:

  • large-diameter pipelines,
  • long distance pipeline systems,
  • petrochemical terminals and
  • point of use fuel delivery systems.

This revolutionary BST technology is specifically designed and formulated to ensure our clients the finest in protection of their pipeline integrity management programs from substantial damage due to a breakage, leaks or ruptures stemming from a hydraulic transient event.

We work closely with engineering, procurement and construction management firms (EPC) to demonstrate our expertise and capability with consultative reviews on their hydraulic transient analysis (HTA) through design, specification, bid, purchase, installation and start-up commissioning.

Our history of success in delivering superior and cost-effective solutions can be directly correlated to our ongoing commitment and investment in next generation research and development technologies to provide greater value to the evolving pipeline industry.

Young Engineering’s capabilities in being the clean solution for pipeline integrity include:

  • Zero loss of fluid containment from the pipeline
  • Continuously responsive to pressure & flow velocity changes in the pipeline
  • Energy absorption functionality of the BST design eliminates high pressure transients
  • Requires less overall space in the facility and along the pipeline route
  • Economical and virtually maintenance free with minimal training
  • Proven technology with equipment installations globally in a wide variety of conditions
  • Dramatic improvement in performance and overall value proposition in direct comparison to traditional pressure relief valve skid systems.

Smaller systems for rail and commercial trucks/carts require protection from pressure transients that can lead to hazardous conditions, environmental harm and even bad publicity for the companies involved.

A system for starting up or stopping the delivery process has the potential to create damaging hydraulic transient events stemming from the abrupt valve closures and pump on/off operations. An emergency shutdown valve (ESD) is often the cause of such a transient event from the abrupt and fast slamming shut of the valve.

Young Engineering is providing the surety of an effective solution to these pressure transients at:

  • Marine ports and terminals
  • Bulk fuel storage facilities
  • Rail transportation loading facilities
  • Military bases and government installations
  • Commercial and public airports.
  • Transmission pipelines and refineries

We have product solutions available in a wide range of capabilities:

  • 10-40,000 gallon sizes
  • Tanks are abrasion-resistant, lightweight, and robust.
  • Bladder material is RF-welded for lightweight and robust strength
  • Wide variety of building code requirements available
  • All tanks are built with UBC seismic supports at the tank installation