Acoustic Volume Indicator (AVI) Technology

AVI Technology

Young Engineering’s Acoustic Volume Indicator (AVI) technology, is a non-intrusive electronic technology that can determine the liquid volume in any pressurized metallic tank. It is now possible to determine the liquid level or gas pressure in an operating bladder or bladderless tank without shutting down the system or utilizing an inefficient weighing system.

AVI technology measures the resonant or natural frequency of the vessel. To optimize repeatability, the program filters the excitation or ambient noise and monitors the “true” natural frequency, giving an accurate reading of the liquid inside. It can be used in almost any application where the volume of liquid in a metal tank must be determined. The AVI technology works with most liquids; including water, fuel or sewage.

When you can’t afford the downtime to inspect your bladder surge tanks, our AVI is your solution.

We have compiled a FAQ sheet, a movie about the AVI, and an order form for an informative DVD on the AVI system.

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