The mining industry on a global basis is coming under scrutiny for increasing safety and efficiency while reducing costs.In regards to mine dewatering, improving employee safety without compromising operations has become a big concern. Traditional mine dewatering systems use relief valve skids to protect the pump system at the bottom of the mine from substantial damage due to a hydraulic transient events. Which are caused by power loss at the pump (pump trip), or a valve being closed downstream with the pump running. The column separation of a pump trip, or dramatic pressure surge from a valve closure, can cause breaks, leaks or even ruptures in the pump piping system. Which can damage the pump and also potentially lead to flooding of lower levels in the mine.

We work with engineering, procurement and construction management (EPC) firms, and
mining companies themselves worldwide in demonstrating how our unique surge
suppression bladder tank systems (BST) can increase miner safety, protect valuable
equipment infrastructure and reduce maintenance costs.

Whether the mine be large or small, the dewatering process from the bottom of the mine remains a paramount issue, with the need from pump and piping system protection, from pressure transients a mandatory requirement.Young Engineering & Manufacturing offers the safest and most cost effective solution to protect your investment in both employees and equipment.

Our BST product solutions are continually proven globally in demanding environments. With a wide range of mining-specific capabilities:

• Standard sizes of 40, 80, and 120 US Gallons for quick delivery.
• Custom sizes for requirements specific to your mine.
• All tanks are ASME Section VIII, Division 1 approved.
• Standard pressure ranges up to 760psig.
• Pressure capabilities beyond 760psig are available.
• Tanks are constructed in either epoxy-coated carbon steel or stainless steel.
• Unique abrasion resistant bladder material for slurry and raw water conditions.
• Compatible with a wide variety of pumps and pump skid systems.