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Pulsation Dampeners – Delete

DSC04398Pressure pulsations can occur during the pumping operation of reciprocating pumps. Pump strokes produce cyclic pulses of pressure spikes inside the system. These spikes can damage or reduce the life of components and produce undesirable noise and vibration. Young Engineering and Manufacturing Inc. designs and manufactures a full line of pulsation control products.

A suction dampener, installed close to the pump inlet, will reduce the potential for cavitation (vapor pockets in a flowing liquid, a frequent cause of damage to pumps), extends the life of the pump and reduces wear on the manifold and suction valves. A pulsation dampener installed on the discharge side will reduce pump-generated pressure pulsations. This decreases mechanical vibration and noise. Pulsation dampeners are available in top and bottom repairable and appendage and flow-through designs. Maintenance free suction and discharge dampeners function by using a combination of gas and liquid to reduce pressure variations, protecting pumps and piping systems. Optimum pump performance results when both suction dampeners and discharge dampeners are installed at the pump inlet and discharge points.

All Young Engineering’s products can be designed and manufactured to fit your exacting specifications; regardless of the size, pressure, or fluid you use, Young Engineering has the pulsation dampening solution you are looking for!

Email us at sales@youngeng.com or call us at 800.33.SURGE (800-337-8743) to discuss your needs!

Product Highlights

  • Appendage or Flow-Through type
  • Top or Bottom Repairable
  • Sizes from 15 cu. in. to 10 gallon capacity
  • Materials: epoxy coated carbon steel, stainless steel, Inconel, Cu-Ni and Hastelloy
  • NPT or ANSI flange
  • Variety of bladder compounds available