Water & Waste Water


Breaks or ruptures in the pipelines can dramatically cut off an area’s water supply and often becomes a major news event seen on Television and the Internet.

As the demand for clean water grows, an accompanying demand for the handling and treatment of water, wastewater and sewage also increases.  With the challenges of reduced resources in funding, materials, and possibly personnel, state, county, city, and municipal water districts are faced with finding ways to keep the water and wastewater facilities’ pipelines flowing with uninterrupted service.

Young Engineering provides owners and operators with patented Bladder Surge Tank (BST) technology.

Our revolutionary BST technology is specifically designed and formulated to ensure our clients the finest in protection of their pipeline integrity management program from substantial damage due to a breakage, leak, or rupture stemming from a hydraulic transient event.

Young Engineering’s capabilities as the clean solution for pipeline integrity include:

  • Zero loss of fluid containment from the pipeline
  • Continuously responsive to pressure & flow velocity changes in the pipeline
  • Energy absorption functionality of the BST design eliminates transients
  • Valuable real estate space both in the facility and on the pipeline route is conserved
  • Economical and virtually maintenance free with minimal training
  • Quiet operation suitable for residential pump station locations
  • Design eliminates costly air compressor cost and maintenance concerns
  • Proven technology with equipment installations globally in a wide variety of conditions.

We work closely with engineering, procurement, and construction management firms (EPC) to demonstrate our expertise and capability with consultative review on their hydraulic transient analysis (HTA) through design, specification, bid, purchase, installation and start-up commissioning.

Our history of success, in delivering a superior and cost-effective solutions, can be directly correlated to our ongoing commitment and investment in next generation research and development technologies to provide greater value to the evolving pipeline industry.

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