YEMI Announces new AVI Technology

Young Engineering Introduces New Breakthrough Acoustic Volume Indicator (AVI) Technology
Creates Non-Intrusive Means to Determine Liquid or Gas Volume in Any Pressurized or non-pressurized Metal Tank

Young Engineering, known for highly engineered, industrial-quality surge and pulsation control products, introduced today its new Acoustic Volume Indicator (AVI) technology, a non-intrusive electronic technology which can determine the liquid volume in any pressurized metallic tank. This means it is now possible to determine the liquid level or gas pressure in an operating bladder or bladderless tank without shutting down the system or utilizing a weighing system which can be inefficient.

AVI technology measures the resonant or natural frequency of the vessel. To optimize repeatability the program filters the excitation or ambient noise and monitors the “true” natural frequency, giving an accurate read of the liquid inside. It is for use in almost any application where there is a need to read the liquid contents of a pressurized metal tank. The AVI technology works with any type of liquid including water, or other liquids such as fuel or sewage.

“Shutting down a system in order to gauge the amount of liquid or gas pressure in a tank can be costly,” said Winston Young, president of Young Engineering. “There are very few customers who want down time of their system if they have a choice. Because our new AVI technology is non-intrusive, it gives them that choice leaving the need to disrupt the tank operation behind.”

AVI components include a transducer, an impactor and innovative waveform analyzer software which calculates the peak frequency from the input signal which runs on a Windows PC computer. The software includes a help section and easy-to-access directions and frequently asked questions. AVI technology will be available in three product versions including AVI Automated which includes alarms and remote signals; AVI Laptop; and AVI Handheld which is a portable handheld PC and battery operated.

AVI technology works at a range of temperatures, pressures, installation connections and fluid specific gravities. If these parameters remain constant, the calibrations will produce repeatable results. AVI technology can be used on any metallic pressure vessel including Young Engineering surge suppressors, bladder surge tanks or bladder sewage surge tanks. Common applications include water, fuel handling, sewage and oil.

AVI is U.S. patented by Young Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.

Located in San Dimas, Calif. Young Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered, industrial-quality surge and pulsation control products. Young Engineering products utilize state-of-the-art designs and are constructed to stringent quality control systems. Its manufacturing facilities are certified by ASME to manufacture pressure vessels and are approved by the U.S. Navy, Factory Mutual (FM) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Young Engineering’s team of engineers have over 100 years of experience in the field of hydraulic transients and mechanical design and offer custom design solutions as well as standard catalog products. You can visit Young Engineering on the Web at or call 800-33-SURGE (337-8743).

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