YEMI Introduces 1-gal BET

Introducing new UL-Approved Bladder Expansion Tank (BET).

More affordable 1-gallon bladder expansion tank released to the fire sprinkler industry. This UL-Approved product protects against thermal expansion in both commercial and residential applications. Much like the rest of the Young Engineering BET line, the industrial strength tank can perform at five times the safety factor ensuring a safe fire protection system.

“We had more than one goal when designing this one-gallon BET product,” said Winston Young, President of Young Engineering. “The simplicity of its design makes it unique. It’s compact design makes it easier to fit and install in smaller commercial or residential systems, it’s more cost-efficient for those smaller systems and, it still meets and exceeds safety requirements of both UL and NFPA.”

On systems that utilize backflow preventors, over-pressure problems can occur when temperature variation (excessive heat) cause the antifreeze to expand resulting in component damage. Young Engineering BETs alleviate this over-pressurization can which “absorb” the expanding fluid, controlling the pressure to a safe level. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 13) requires the use of expansion chambers in antifreeze systems which use backflow preventors.

Young Engineering Bladder Expansion Tank line is manufactured in accordance with ASME code Section VIII, Div. 1. Sizes range from one-gallon to 150 gallon. They are designed to 175 psi design pressure and guarantee a 5X safety factor meaning the product can go to five times the rated pressure without failure.

Young Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered, industrial-quality surge and pulsation control products. Young Engineering products utilize state-of-the-art designs and are constructed to stringent quality control systems. Its manufacturing facilities are certified by ASME to manufacture pressure vessels and are approved by the U.S. Navy, Factory Mutual (FM) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Young Engineering’s team of engineers more than 10 decades of experience in the field of hydraulic transients and mechanical design and offer custom design solutions as well as standard catalog products. You can visit Young Engineering on the Web at or call 800-33-SURGE (78743).